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Launched in 2016, hbbi is a high quality business to business index that helps individuals find reputable businesses and services worldwide. Use hbbi and find builders, plumbers and electricians, web designers, dentists, hotels, restaurants and more.

Thanks to detailed listings and verified reviews, hbbi will always be a trustworthy business index when searching for businesses and services.

Hbbi is a responsive website and works on all modern browsers, computers, tablets and smartphones.

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We are extremely diligent about the businesses and services that we promote on hbbi and every submission is checked thoroughly before being approved. We also check every review for its authenticity before allowing it to go live.

We only list businesses and display genuine reviews. Everything on hbbi is meticulously checked and monitored so the database doesn’t contain spam, poorly written content, inaccurate information or fake reviews.

Our dedicated and professional team work hard to maintain the quality and accuracy of all the content on hbbi. Your personal information is also protected and will never be sold on.

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